Let’s go for a walk at the top

Nature has always been good for us. Now more than ever, we can experience the many scientifically proven health and well-being benefits of being in the natural world. I invite you to come and take a walk with me in the forest. Forests, as well as meadows, seascapes, streams, and ponds, are dynamic, alive, interdependent ecosystems that have continuous offerings for all of us.

What is Nature Therapy?

Nature therapy is basically a slow, safe walk in the woods that allows us to slow down and open all of our senses. Organized by the Association of Forest and Nature Therapy (www.anft.earth), the practice is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku (‘forest bathing’).  This practice began in 1982 as a healthcare response to the negative impact the Japanese workforce experienced as a result of moving indoors. Nature therapy is not a hike, or a nature walk. It consists of a series of crafted invitations that allow the many therapeutic elements of the forest to move us away from the judging and busy mind, and into our senses where the body is in its most natural state. Being in our bodies through our senses, moves us from the reality of experience to relationship and it is in relationship that we develop awareness of, and confidence in, the wisdom embedded in our hearts.

What’s Involved?

As a certified ANFT guide, I will merely be opening the doors for this experience to occur. The average walk takes 2-3 hours. I can guide 1-12 persons. As the forest is always adaptive, playful, generous, and trustworthy, I am able to guide persons with mobility and memory challenges, children, work colleagues, families, and friends. Depending on your location, I can guide at municipal, state, and national forests, nature preserves, or your backyard. Safety and comfort for all persons is my highest priority. All you need to bring are comfortable walking shoes, gear for cool or wet conditions, and an open mind. Costs vary depending on the duration, size of the group, and special considerations, but generally for a group, 3 hour walk, the cost is $75/pp. For more information, and to make reservations, please contact Trey at Trey@treysgardens.com or 917-740-2885.
So….. lets take a walk together.


Don’t miss it !!!!!  -G.W.

Trey presented the process well. He provided some history of the woods we were in which was an important introduction to the therapist. Trey’s demeanor and respect for the woods and participants aided in fostering a working relationship for the process. The sense of community between the forest and the participant highlighted what the forest provides for us and provokes us to be more aware of what we could provide for the forest.  -J.H.

During the walk I felt very calm, relaxed, and content. These feelings stayed with me as I left and returned to my responsibilities. Trey does a great job of allowing the forest to be the focus and letting us focus on our own experiences without explaining too much. I think the long-term benefit will be that I will be more present and experience nature in a more engaged way in the future.  -F.K. 

In our too busy lives, take time to walk or sit in the forest, and let your senses -all of them-renew your outlook on the world.   -K.D.

To learn more about the Association of Forest and Nature Therapy,
please visit www.anft.earth