Landscape Services

Are you looking for a beautiful garden design

Don’t have a green thumb?  We can help.

We offer Landscape Design services to fit your palate and your likes. Creating a space that is inviting and serene for you to enjoy daily.

Who We Serve:

  • Residential Clients
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Institutions

For homeowners who want their indoor and outdoor  environments to be a refuge for experiencing  a quieter mind and restfulness, more sensory stimulation, and  enhanced mood, I am able to design  gardens and spaces that are ecological, and personal  because I am an experienced horticultural therapist , a trained naturalist, and a homeowner who believes that homes and gardens do in fact love us back.
– Dr. Trey Wilson

  1. Shade gardens
  2. Moss gardens
  3. Rock gardens
  4. Seaside, lake, stream, bog and pond environments
  5. Native meadows and woodland
  6. Tropical-Subtropical
  7. Outdoor events and venues
  8. Urban terraces
  1. Healing gardens
  2. Sensory gardens
  3. Tree, shrub, perennial garden borders
  4. Formal gardens
  5. Native meadows and woodland gardens
  6. Mediterranean (e.g. French, Italian)
  7. Country/Cottage gardens
  8. Cutting gardens
  9. Herb spirals and gardens
  10. Sculpture gardens
  11. Arbors and gazebos
  12. Potager
  1. Paths and walkway
  2. Walls and stairways
  3. Patios and deck
  4. Outdoor recreation and sporting areas
  5. Outdoor kitchens
  6. Pool and fountain design
  7. Lighting