“All Colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites”—Marc Chagall

Color simply defined, is energy vibrating in a particular way that the eye perceives.  Businesses like the Trend Council charge a lot of money helping clients understand and project color as it relates to brand and consumer behavior. Colors of clothes, decor and products deemed to be in vogue, change according to the agencies that decide what’s trending in color theory.” Red communicates this. Blue means that. This season we’re featuring only jewel tones.”  These are human assignments.  By contrast, the natural world has always been the source for color creation and application. In Nature, all things belong to one another. There is not a color humans can create, that doesn’t already exist somewhere in Nature.

As a result, gardening helps me personally relax about color. I look to meadows, mountains, and lakes to see how Nature has been painted and bring this understanding to the project at hand. It all belongs.   I know people may have strong opinions about colors they want around them and those they don’t. I wholeheartedly appreciate preferences and can get into the details of -emotions and associations about color.  I aim to please clients by creating places for sensory delight. If someone wants a garden that pops in the moonlight- great. If another person wants a garden that feels like a lively jazz band on a hot summer night -terrific. They all belong.

The bottom line is that for most people, gardens are places for mostly visual enjoyment and the horticultural world is capable of meeting any color scape desired. My inspiration comes from what Nature’s palette reveals to me and how the setting being designed fits in to the existing environment.  You like jewel tones ?  Let’s design a garden together that makes you feel like a queen or king.

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