Gardens for the Seasons of Life

Gardens for the Seasons of Life

“For one it’s the change of seasons, for another it’s the season of change.”  –author unknown

Intelligent garden design must include a bow to the seasons. All beings have a life cycle, some last a day, some endure for millennia. I see gardens as reflections of human evolution. We are all becoming something we have not been. We may not realize this except through the lens of Google photos, but it’s always happening, across our planet. I celebrate the seasons of a garden, to remind me that life too, has seasons beyond the ones we may name as yearly winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Nature’s capacity to reflect what happens within and for us is limitless- For example, the colors, shapes, and growth patterns   of spring are unique and intentional. Their intelligent design mirrors rebirth and regeneration.  Winter is the season for hunkering down, allowing stillness, and the roots of our lives to grow stronger and deeper. I love designing gardens that expressly reflect the seasons of our lives through plants and their relationship with animals—achieved with scientific knowledge and the use of   Nature’s brush on your life canvas. Maybe you have a favorite season and want to showcase it. Maybe you need to more fully embrace the season that is now and allow your garden to speak. Want help?

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